Violent video games made me do it

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Violent video games made me do it by Splashed Ink on Threadless
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Splashed Ink
Splashed Ink profile pic Artist

Ok, now here' my take on the whole "Violent video games made him do that" stuff.

I believe that although video games can be violent, they have no part in a persons actions. If a guy does something horrible, a game didn't teach him how to kill. That guy is just messed up in the head. Or the people just want to find a scapegoat and blame the problem on something else.

Looking at it from a different (more comic-bookish) point of view, the only way a "Violent Video Game" could make you do something is if they actually blackmailed you of beat you up to make you do what they want.

Hope you guys get where I'm goin' with this.


love the illustration, but i'm not sure about the text... i'm pretty sure i'd buy it without the text :)


Jack Thompson would so wear that shirt... I hate him...


Just "video games made me do it" and I'd buy it.


haha that made me laugh out loud.

nice job.


congrats on not using your sig :D

Splashed Ink
Splashed Ink profile pic Artist

See, now that I know it'll be on the tag, I'm not going to worry about putting it on my art. :)

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

More colors needed.

And it's best to lose the text.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

cool 5$

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

actually there was a nintendo game where the objective was to "button mash" like with the Olympic sports games but you were controlling a guy having sex in different positions.... I wish nintendo would make me do that.


Love it, but wondering if there might need to be more contrast in the colors.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Forget the text...i think everyone who will take the time to look at this shirt will recognize the video game cratridges are doing extremely violent things to an innocent teenager and get the point. The text is just overkill really. Just make the main image bigger and you have my fifteen dollah.


Lose the text - it doesn't really make sense in the context. The games are being violent to the kid in the image, rather than making him be violent.

I like the image a lot.






What an incredible design. I would soooooooooooo buy it, but the text has to go. It actually says more without it. Just the awesome illo, please!


It's nothing without the text! Gosh, you people don't get it.


Susie q89, if you don't recognize an NES cartridge on sight then this shirt just isn't intended for you, I guess.

They're videogames and they're being violent, plain and simple. Leaving the text off allows people to draw their own conclusions about the meaning, which makes a more thought-provoking shirt.

Sorry to comment twice, but I really like this design.

Splashed Ink
Splashed Ink profile pic Artist

Well, it is making fun of people scapegoating and blaming video games; but I thought the concept was different enough.


i'd buy it for $50 not $5!

$5 no doubt

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