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Vinyl, Cassettes, Files... by Ultraman94 on Threadless
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i like this a lot


Yeah! Great Idea! 5$


cool. LOL 5$

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

the shovel handle is incorrect eh? it should be flipped. It would be a great editorial illustration, good idea but not as a tee.


oh~ is cool~!!!

d3d profile pic Alumni

great artwork but isn't the point of URB that vinyl and cassettes AREN'T dead?


In my humble opinion, vinyl is very much alive.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice perspective angle an element placement...i especially like the overlap of the cassette headstone...[light parts in the dark hole area and dark part in the light hole area, even the little bit of lost line where the light of both meet]


I laughed pretty good, I agree with making them look a little more gravestone-ish. I think it's funny that some people still don't understand that this theme is for a competition and that it's been going on for quite a while now, but whatever, they don't have to accept it if they don't want to. I like your "future thinking." I'm actually a little worried that CD's will die out, I could see it happening, but I doubt that we'll ever see files die out. Watch me be wrong.
(Well that was a freakin' novel)

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