Vintage Hoody

Design by Myteee

Vintage Hoody by Myteee on Threadless
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Myteee profile pic Artist

One color on cream Hoody. Why? Just would love to wear this. :) Hope you too.

YaaH profile pic Alumni



very nice $5

Myteee profile pic Artist

Hi. On the threadless hoody illustration set available for download on the contest page, they also put the hoodies without zipper. So I believe that those hoodies are also allowed on the contest. Otherwise my submission would be not approved.

Thanks everyone for the comments.


Nice Design. Just to save you from possible disappointment, the name of the contest is "Threadless loves Zip hoodies". So i would guess its strictly for "zip" hoodies. I could be wrong but it may be worth checking out with someone in the know to make sure your design is shown on correct style hoodie and as you intended. It would be a shame for a great design to not be shown the way you thought it would be printed. Good luck. :-)

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