Video Game Hunter's Trophy Collection - Remix

Design by Rawtoons

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Rawtoons profile pic Artist

In this entry I wanted to show what a video gamer's collection might look like. I followed everyone's suggestions
and came up this re-entry.
For this entry I used the following 5 colors:
1. Light Blue
2. White
3. Red
4. Green
5. Tan
The Dark Blue is the color of the shirt.

Thanks everyone for your feedback in
the previous entry.



Woo Hoo ! Looks GREAT !!!!


I liked the original colors better and I still think the deer needs to go becuse he throws the whole thing off, (as far as both concept and visual balance) but I am glad you got rid of the background. Very nice. 5$


Better without background stuff.

Rawtoons profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone for checking out my resub.
As for the character on the left that's my interpretation
of a character similar to Bowser from Super Mario Bros games.

Thanks again,

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

wait...why would a video game collector still have an actual trophy buck in his/her collection? Because of the stupid game you have to kowtow to for this contest in order forthe submission to seem like it is merited in the contest? I like what you are going for well above the other zillion trophy plaque submissons for this contest, but the ghost mounting placement doesn't sit well with me, and i think another character from video games in place of the deer would be better; the fact that they are hung up on plaques i think gets the idea across enough that you don't have to actually show a deer on there. Nice job besides that tho...perhaps a bandicoot instead of the deer?


good shirt for gamers. though someday when the big buck contest ends, if this shirt doesn't get printed, i'd go with a different head for the deer and try resubmiting it.


I can't remember If I have ever killed a deer in a game or not?? But I certainly killed the other two!! Well if you win I will come play your buck hunter arcade system and earn my right to the shirt ;p...Great design!


I've killed many deer in WoW. :-p


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