Venus in Furs

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Venus in Furs by baseybase on Threadless
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skello2 profile pic Alumni

$ it...maybe on another color?


shiny shiny....



I guess that's a whip in her hand and coiled around her feet, but to be entirely honest my initial interpretation of that was she was holding uh, an appliance with a power cord against her crotch. If you know what I mean.


Venus in Furs (1967) Venus... goddess of pleasure in a citadel of sin. Hot. I would buy for sure.

mrs. squid

Oooooh! Please Print! $5


maybe maroon? i dunno if that be too cliche of a 'sexy' color, but i think it'd be hot.

and guys venus in furs is orginially a really famous book by by Leopold Sacher-Masoch, velvet underground was refrencing that . Come on, you knew that!

asher27 profile pic Alumni

referencing my favorite band... damn thats cool.

i think this would look better on a maroon or purple as well.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

I love it and I want you inside me.

too soon? 5$

grayehound profile pic Alumni

rocksicle on deviantart basiclly said it all. nice design

mrs. squid

I love it on red, much better than blue. There's to many blue shirts.

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