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mip1980 profile pic Alumni

Awwwww you big softy, nice to see a black piece in the middle, just like my ex 5555555






Good !:-)


Love it! :)

Wharton profile pic Artist

^ So it is, I bet if I google heart venn there might even be some examples somewhere. This challenge is about simple geometric shapes, its not much of a stretch of the imagination to come up with this idea, in fact its pretty straight forward. This stuff happens.


^ I've googled heart venn and there are zero examples of this design, which is in fact not a "pretty straight forward" idea, seeing it as Social Print Media wouldn't have used it if it's as easy as you sound it out to be. This stuff happens, but a designer knows to put their twist on it and you pretty much changed one shape and used the same colors. There are millions of simple geometric shape ideas one could come up with, you just chose to do one virtually identical to Social Print Media. But it's cool, I guess.

Wharton profile pic Artist

I think you're barking up the wrong tree. I think it is a pretty straight forward idea actually and not some huge leap of the imagination or me copying 'Social Print Media' (Just because you know who they are doesn't mean that I do). I haven't actually checked to see if venn heart pops up a similar design, but I'll take your word for it. Like I said this is a basic geometric challenge and coming up with the idea to make a heart from geometric shapes isn't exactly a eureka moment, more of an obvious conclusion. I'm not going to debate with you, I haven't copied anyone and I don't feel like I need to defend myself any further. I'm not sure what your big bug bear is, but its misplaced. Did you make a profile, purely to comment on my sub?


Nah I had to make one to submit a design for my school project and just happened to see this! But if it's a pretty straight forward idea, why would you do something that's already out there? Anyways, I wish you the best of luck!!! :)

Wharton profile pic Artist

OK dude whatever. Its straightforward as in it seemed like a straightforward and decent idea to me. Anyway.



So blantaly copied

Wharton profile pic Artist

How is that copied? They're different shapes, different colours. I'm getting a little tired of spelling this out to people, but making a heart out of geometric shapes and colouring with venn colours is not an unlikely idea for more than one person to dream up.

Also, Chauloom, if you don't like feedback on your design when you specifically ask for it then don't ask for a critique in the first place and commenting on my sub in this fashion is childish and will not improve your own seriously deficient work.

tony camonte

"How is that copied? They're different shapes, different colours"...Are you serious??

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