vending hope

Design by streetwise

vending hope by streetwise on Threadless
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love, love, love the sketchy style, particularly the wave and twister. I just wish nature of the products were slightly clearer.


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

love the style and colors

bortwein profile pic Alumni

.. it's a raw 5. I like the use of 2 color.

.onion profile pic Alumni

i like the style... but the products are extremely hard to see...


excellent. love the sketch style.

like phones, I wish the nature of the products was more clear.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

streetwise, you're the man....
I really like this design a LOT. But, PLEASE stop commenting so much on your own work. I have said this before, the designs need to stand on their own without the artist continually commenting on their own work.The blog area is the place you can explain things (am I wrong on this?)... That really bothers me. Sorry, pet peeve. Normally I just hit the skip button when I see the artist has commented more than 2 or 3 times and you have 6.
BUT, since I like this so much....$5
This raw, free sketchy look is amazing.
You don't need to defend your work or sit and explain it, because this, unlike SO many of the Red Cross subs actually makes sense right when you look at it. And that's great. And it does so without hitting you over the head by having the words "HOPE, COMPASSION, and HUMANITY" actually in the design.


$5 For your awesome design and for introducing me to threadless in the first place!

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Really classy, and a nice change from the rest - 5$, definitely.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

I dig the sketchwork man. Cool.

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