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Variations On A Theme by jbyron on Threadless
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Thanks for your suggestions, surreal - but I believe you may be complicating the thoughts unnecessarily. Think of them as crude cave paintings. Also, the illustrations are for the words underneath them - hence ice looks like ice - once the viewer connects "dry" to it, it's up to he/she to visualize the image. Did you really want me to illustrate dry-humping anyway? Don't answer that.


I think it looks perfect the way it is. good job jbyron :)


the toast looks a bit like a chefs hat!

jbyron profile pic Artist

aw man. it really does.
i wish you wouldn't have called that to my attention.
Well, I'll fix that "in post" - as they say.
plus I'd like to add one more - a magic wand illustration with the word "spell" underneath.

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