Vanity Totem

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Vanity Totem by harpo25 on Threadless
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ninja.... nice shading!
the head of the beaver seems to be a bit deformed. but all in all... i like it. especially the faces of the sculptural animals :)


I love that there's a beaver at the top!
Would you repost the bigger version? links don't work in those time delayed posts.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Magnamoth, I thought the same thing... and then cracked up when I saw the beaver on top. Perhaps not intentional, but kind of awesome.


Darn it! Magnamoth and mjoo are correct! Fix it, please!

As long as you're changing things, I might choose animals that are more related to a beaver, like forest creatures, rather than African safari types.


it is a TOTEM pole, of course it will look like a wang. what do you think those things were?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Harpo does it again. I love how it's laid out on the tee....don't pay attention to people who think everything looks like a huge cock, cause they usually act like one. I woulda suggested possibly some different colors for each animal to differentiate, or at least the color of the beaver, but that would mess up the concept of the beaver doing this him/herself.

In regards to Mindtrance's link, I think this idea and that one are completely different. Plus, i much prefer the idea and the style of this sub anyways. 5$ my man! Fabbo job!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great idea 5$

herky profile pic Alumni

great characters, the wood textures are ace


um from far looks like a giant, know...


Yeah, sure, totem poles are phallic anyways...but they don't usually have lumpy bell ends. This one is way more phallic than an ordinary totem pole.

On a side note, I'm at work, just a few blocks from the world's most phallic building. Take a look.

World's Most Phallic Building

And it's recently been re-shingled with flesh tones on top. Hooray! But no beaver.


Wow, amazing!! The concept, the execution, the placement, the details - the animals faces are hilarious! - it's all spot-on!!
Please, oh please PRINT!! $5

Randy Jackson

This is great dawg. You gave me some chills. It's definetly a yes from me. Call your folks and tell em you're goin to hollywood dude.


not feeling this sorry

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