Vampy Got Grillz

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Vampy Got Grillz by KDLIG on Threadless
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KDLIG profile pic Artist

My neck is only available for the golden fangs,LOL! I'm so picky! Grillz on Gold Foil Ink FTW!=D


YAY! It's up! I LOVE this one!


I like it, but I'd like to see some white on those teeth to distinguish the 'grillz'.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

At least you'll get bitten in fancy vamp crunk style!
that's what i'm talking about,hehehe, thanks FA, thanks for the comments and votes guys, more please =D

courtney pie

woh! that's one badass vamp!

5 all the way

the Flying Monkey project

Awww he's cute.
Gold foil grill...It feels so dirty, yet, strangely, I would wear this...

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

Whoa nelly dawgs! Sick!

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