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HA!!!!!!! Fantastic! Good to finally have faces to those names ;)

5, not sure about a buy


So cute! I like ini the best. (p.s. beware of people calling you racist.)


love it!!!


agree with the brown.
i love it!!


i always thought of it as:

"eenie meenie miney moe"

they should all be long vowel sounds ending, with a long E (-ie, or -ey), except moe which is only one syllable

"ini" would sound like "mini" - as in mini-skirt
i don't know about "myni", but my brain always connected it as "mine" + long E ending = miney

fixing the spelling to match the pronunciation would help this design a lot - it's really cute otherwise

5 for now


Two things:
1)This is random, but these guys are really damn tall! The shortest one's 100 inches? That's 8'4"! Damn! They should be in the NBA.
2) "tomee on Jul 27 '06
thanks, but why people could call me racist?"
Because the original rhyme goes, "Eenie, Meanie, Miney Moe: Catch a ni**er by the toe. If he hollers, let him go, Eenie, Meanie, Miney Moe." You're playing with fire on this one, and he's right to warn you. It is a racist rhyme at its heart.

herky profile pic Alumni

great characters.


I love it, its so cute. Made me smile. I want one! $5


Well, of course I learned it "catch a tiger by the toe". I was just explaining to him why some would call it racist, because of these comments:
" redsugar on Jul 27 '06
So cute! I like ini the best. (p.s. beware of people calling you racist.)"
" tomee on Jul 27 '06
thanks, but why people could call me racist?"

So I told him why people might call him racist. If someone made a shirt with Jefferson Davis, and someone posted that the designer should beware of being called racist, and the designer wanted to know why, I would tell him "Well, he was the president of the CSA, he started a war to keep slavery." If that happened, I doubt that people would be posting "ZOMG! R'son-W supports slavery! He's racist!"


By the by, I first found out how it first went on an episode of a TV show on Fox called "Boston Public". A white kid and a black kid who were friends, and they were calling eachother the N-word. Another black kid heard them in class, and punched the white kid in the mouth. The teacher broke up the fight, and asked what was going on. The kid who punched the white kid said, "eenie, meanie, miney moe." The teacher didn't understand, and the kid continued, "catch a ni**er by the toe"

I didn't believe it, so I looked it up, and sure enough it's true. I was 15. And at least two other people on Threadless know that's where it came from. And ecky_ducky, don't call my parents racists. That's seriously uncool.

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love the design! agree with others that text should be changed to something like "eenie meenie miney moe".

and as fangoriously world-class and grand pointed out, a lot of nursery rhymes have disturbing beginnings. but they also evolve . . . i always heard this one as "catch a tiger by the toe"

also . . . i don't think ecky-ducky meant to imply that anyone else's parents were racist, i think she just meant that hers had taught her the non-racist version. at least, that's how i interpreted her post.


nice illustration - the characters are well-developed. definietly best on the navy! you lose a lot of the punch on the lighter colors, and I feel that it loses the energy on the brown. just opinions tho. great work!


Spelling, schpelling, already. It's all 'bout the artist's perception while dreaming this yummy concoction up. Smashing job by the's flippin' sweet.


$5, I'd buy

Not much to say, awesome idea.


i had never even heard of the racist bit... but it kinda makes more sense now that i think about it. The whole "my mom said to pick the very best one" bit doesnt make much sense when talking about tigers...

still i doubtteh average person walking down the street is going to think youre a racist because of this shirt.

ps. anybody know why firefox suddenly has started bringing up the "find on this page" bar ever time i type an apostrophy in this box??


i love mo.

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