Urban Plume

Design by thespence

Urban Plume by thespence on Threadless
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thespence profile pic Artist

Cityscape meets peacock feather. The one on the left is actually a small chunk of the cityscape in LA, my hometown. Hope you like it.


Thanks for voting on my critique. I actually already voted on your design. I like it a lot. Great idea.

Super Rocker

THESPENCE this is sweet! One thing that is sorta bothering me, I don't know why, but under where the city scape 'rounds', there is a blank spot, I know that is suppose to be the 'eye' of the feather, but it doesn't look right to me...anywho, it's great! If you have a change, be sure to critique mine (you can find the link on the Canvas forum) =^)

thespence profile pic Artist

done and done Val... yeah it's supposed to have a space there... mimicking the shape of the feather...

eQuivalent profile pic Alumni

nice work :)


Great placement and I love the midnight blue



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