Urban Goddess

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Urban Goddess


catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

You are one hell of an illustrator, Hurray for boobies 5

EZFL profile pic Alumni

If they printed any of your submissions, i would def buy one. Even if i was broke at the time, i would bum some money off my friends and family to make a purchase.

I really like your new submission alot. God i hope they print this one...

5 and buy

d3d profile pic Alumni

this is my first "i'd buy it" in a while. damn you for kicking my arse in this contest.

franx profile pic Alumni

one of your best! 5.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

like all your work, very nice...wonderful illustration...and very fitting with what urb seems to be about.....this is deffinatley an awesome design...

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Damn, an apporving comment from a member of the staff and many other respected designers. You are on your way, man. 5

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Oh man, really nice work as usual, it turned out looking great. Dig the colors and the texture.

Ava Adore

another excellent illustration from you!!,
i hope you win


your drawing skills are awesome
kinda falll in love!!!
$ 5

staffell profile pic Alumni

Yeah, you sure can draw man, but i'd like the girl to have long flowing hair. I'm not one for the short hair lasses.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Artist

It's for a competition.


$5...this is an awesome sub. Something different for sure.


This is really smooth. I love the colors and distressed look.
Very, very nice.
A little bit big, but I can definitely deal with that:)

Metal Sledge

That's a rad T - Shirt dude!
Hey do you have her number?
No, really...............do you?

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

What do I say that 34 others haven't?
You don't submit enough!
I'm sick of browsing through FHM at the newsagency, looking like a perv, just to get a fix. :)
Just kidding (I'm subscribed, they send it in the mail ;) )
Just kidding (i'm not really)


mezo profile pic Alumni

Dear Mr Rocks,

She is the Goddess of Music & Good Times.

You are the God of Line & Color Work.

I love you both.


Awesome! please lose the faded 'i've had this for years, honest!' look.


I think we have a winner right here. There's no way I could top this.


$5!!!! i agree with some people about the flames though...they seem stuck on...maybe if they were more incorporated instead of off to the side. other than that, LOVE the colors, LOVE the design, and LOVE the faded, "worn" look!!!! awesome work!


This is my favorite, I hope it wins.


oh hell yes

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

^ 4 little donkeys in 8th grade computer lab just chimed in. The fact that ppl can not get over the boobs also means they have no concept of reality or just have never seen a pair.

This statement really sums up the submission and this is what it'll go out with -

karena@magicjelly, at 8:18am on Oct 21, 2005

The fact that you're a top shelf illustrator goes without saying...but I love your colours too...beautiful & a 5 & buy.


hot bod! 5


2.6 and a winner?

WTF mate?

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Artist

2.5 is the new 3, haven't you heard?


good looking girl on the shirt, ugly girl wearing it.

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