urban borealis

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I hate you for submitting this before I submitted mine.


That being said, um... It's a really cool idea, lol. Not crazy about the institutional bathroom colors you have going with the salmon/sick green/grey, though.


i'd like to think that the apparent chaos and confusion of urban tagging or whatever you want to call it, actually has a very fresh sense of identity and esoteric language. i get the brush strokes are meant to repreasent the real, colorful, vibrant underside of the city that gives it it's actual cultural?

Big Ed

The white and pastel one is a little too 8O's looking, but not in the good way. Sorry.


I love it on black, even if it isn't original


We built this city on rock 'n' roll.


The blue/green/black is gorgeous.
I would buy it in those colors only though.

staffell profile pic Alumni



The black one is better.

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