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5$ AWESOME, AWESOME!!! This theme is special for you, to win!

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Hey, Up-Girl is UP! ^_^ Thanks "martasan" and "barmalizer " for the early comments! If you guys what to check out the process of the "Up-Girl" just go Here and take a peek!


Great design, but her left leg is considerably longer than her right.


Cute idea, but anatomy is way off on the leg. Would have worked better if her leg went straight forward and off the pin, versus straight down.

Anishaxx1 profile pic Artist

Damn, gotta find a chainsaw now, sorry upgirl, gotta lose a leg!

Should I remove the leg and resubmit, or just forget about it with shame? :( Pls, honesty here (not brutal. remember it says to be nice, but real thoughts) Thanks!

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