Unlock me, please

Design by RicoMambo

Unlock me, please by RicoMambo on Threadless
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alexmdc profile pic Alumni

cool, even tho I think threadless already printed a shirt with hands cuffed in the back


nice drawing!

RicoMambo profile pic Artist

@even tho I think threadless already printed a shirt with hands cuffed in the back

If it's so... That's not good, man. Maybe someone else knows 4 sure?
Why threadless did not reject the work?


This is the design. What you've got to remember is there have been hundreds of printed designs out there and so alot of similar concepts in some cases. Threadless wouldn't reject it on that basis but in reality it greatly reduces your chances of it printing.

RicoMambo profile pic Artist

Thanks man,
yes, it's same s..t, but on the other side it's different concept.
Off course, no chance for print, but who cares:)


nice execution, unfortunate about the similarities in concept. try subbing it elsewhere after the 90 days are up

Resistance profile pic Alumni

great style! cool idea

Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

i prefer this version to the one that's printed. much more detail and better represented in my opinion. See how we go dood. good luck!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

If it's any consolation, i like your version of this idea WAAAAY more than the previously printed Threadless tee. Nice rendering!

Ryder profile pic Alumni

i like the back of the shirt....the front design makes it too emo and easy for my tastes


nice style


i like this render a lot more than the printed one keep it up!!

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