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catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

i'm nowhere on this


United we blog? Is it a list of bloggers?

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Artist

My name was supposed to be of the colour of the tshirt...as a signature...so it's a little "out of border"...
Maybe this was a bad idea!

staffell profile pic Alumni

well i think hes got about 80 guaranteed buyers which is roughly $1280 and that doesnt include shipping costs.....

i give it 5$ because my name includes one of the Red Letters.


I'm kind of lost as to why you (adam) think anyone that is NOT on the shirt would ever want to buy/wear this. And I totally agree with the high school senior class shirt feel.

That aside, you did an excellent job of mixing typefaces and spacing.

And you totally look like wolverine in your profile pic. Rock on, bub.


Silly premise. No thanks, blog haters. 0


i knew a bunch of non-bloggers wouldnt like this,w e all will, though. you should print it yourself. obviously, im gonna give it a good score

mezo profile pic Alumni

EXCELLENT font usage.
I especially love how in some cases the font fits the user perfectly (like Shimala's is TALL, travis looks army issue, littlem's is classic, and eskimokiss looks like the font he uses to tag his name on his subs).

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Yeah, it's a nice idea. But you know where I stand.. and it's not on the t-shirt :)

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Damn, yo, I'm a bit jealous of those who made it on there. If I had less numbers in my name I would've made it. 5 for the inside jokery of it all, though.


I wish the speech balloons resembled
the boxy-with-rounded-corners speech
balloons seen throughout Threadless
( like at the top of this page and next
to each comment).

asher27 profile pic Alumni

pfft... im not on.

2, for the idea and execution. it wont get printed and if by some strange chance it does it definitely wont sell... no one knows like most of the bloggers outside threadless blogging-ness, therefore its not gonna go to far... sorrys.


skip, how did you not end up getting on, werent you on an earlier version? and you're defiently one of the bloggers, a lot more than some of those people there

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

so many new bloggies..i dont recognize some of them but most of the old regulars are there

nice how some of the fonts match the users' personalities

jublin profile pic Alumni

everyone that's not on there is going to give you a pretty bad score.

so that's what? like thousands of people?

Who cares about them! We ROCK!

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

i'm on it.


this is so darned cute:)

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

new years resolution : must stop blogging as much ... seriously, that was one of my resolutions hahhahahaa

good for you adam, wade it go and have some fun


awesome, I love this! Great job Adam. 5$, of course!


I'm on the top!!!
thanks man!!!
$5 because I want to wear my name...

Perudoesitbetterthanu profile pic Alumni

haha...tesko is on top of me......
.................im talking about the name guys!!! geez...haha


i love it! wish i was on it ;(

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

awesome. $5

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Finally it's up! And once again, I totally agree with steve_swartz on this one, nice story.


very cool, and no im not just saying that cause Im on there. (but thanks)
very awesome, hopefully it gets printed, bloggers are kinda the innermind of Threadless, we keep it running a little donation at a time.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I'm a super-blogger, adam!


um, yeah ... I would tend to second everything dyno said ... the shirt is really just a symbol of the blogging community, like she mentioned

if you happen to be one of the names featured, that's just gravy ... especially if you like your font


^you don't have to know any of the names...




i think this is great design and a great tribute to the threadless community. steve swartz made some excellent points and we should really just support the design regardless of who is or is not on it. Appreciate the art both of blogging and of design, support it by buying the shirt or not...Good Job Adam!


yay $5...you know why. :]


yeah can't help but want to be on it.. oh well


maybe i don't really mind that pank and gerpander are on top of me...

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