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CheeseSandwich profile pic Artist

Horn of Plenty (of Unicorns).

Two color palettes for both men and women. Very light ink coverage possibly with glitter ink on the horn.


great start, but try it w/o copy and paste to make it look interesting

olie! profile pic Alumni

This would be sweet if it was just a huge cesspool of all these different unicorns ala Epic Battle style, without the pipe.


Great idea!! I love it!

CheeseSandwich profile pic Artist

WAIT! I meant that both pink and blue were available for both men and women, I just didn't mock them all up.

Thanks for the great feedback, all.

CheeseSandwich profile pic Artist

I love that about you!

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I think the greatest strength of this shirt is its interesting placement. That seems to be one of the more difficult things for many to do so I'm looking forward to seeing more submissions from you. I would have to agree that the copy paste and lack of texture, shadow, etc makes this design less strong than it could be. But it's a cute pun and good color pallette as well.

CheeseSandwich profile pic Artist

Thanks for the feedback.

Glad people are liking the design and, more importantly, laughing (at least a tiny bit on the inside) at my "before and after" hilarity.

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