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unicorn rodeo

Design by nes-k

unicorn rodeo by nes-k on Threadless
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nes-k profile pic Artist

thx :)


I think the horn is fine. Cute concept :o)


where is its tail?

Ava Adore

nie work..!


I say try taking off the horn completely from the main object and just leave it in the shadow. If you straighten the shadow a bit, then the horn will be clear and might be a cool reflective thing. He's a horse that's a unicorn inside or something. Add a mane and tail to both the image and shadow too. I like the idea and it looks great on tan!


Oh my god, the brown, the brown... :has a stress heart attack and dies:

please, for the love of my sanity, DON'T EVER AGAIN let me see that brown/tan with a picture of a rodeo rider on it.
bad memories.

otherwise, i like it. it reminds me of our shirt for band. the design is amazing, but that brown... :shivers: (like i said, bad memories.)
Sorry, telaine, but you have no idea what you are getting yourself into when you wear a shirt that color...ugh. ditto with everyone else, change the horn color, twist it, etc. the shadow doesn't matter so much.


I don't think you really need the shadow.


is that where the malboro man went off to?

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