Unfortunate Antlers

Design by Ronin60

Unfortunate Antlers by Ronin60 on Threadless
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what's that deer doin on the way-right? I don't get that, he's sitting like a human, and his front legs look odd. I love the idea and the whole print, Id give it a 4 if that weird deer was fixed :o)


Its simple the deer to the lefts antlers look at the smaller print. its really easy to figure out.


I think it's funny, It would really suck if i was that dear.


I think the unfortunate deer is sufficiently obvious -- it's the first thing I noticed.

I'm pretty sure the third deer is slapping his knee and laughing. Maybe?


The idea was great, but the design is incredibly confusing aside from the clever target-anters (as others have said, what the heck is that other deer doing).


I think the Far Side cartoon of this idea works better...

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