Under Cover

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Under Cover by pseudonymjones on Threadless
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is that a mouth or a bow tie?

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

very nice

just don't like the white over bleed... tiny feet maybe... eh??..


And the big scary shadow in the back definitely makes the little evil box seem more intimidating. Must be good for his self-esteem :D Either way, very cute (and evil).
Just one question though, is it an evil little box/bag thing? Or some little creature with a bag over its head? Either way, still good, but I'm just curious :)


hehehehe - the bag is fantastic! I wanna buy it now!!!


Really nice work. If it's a bow tie maybe it should be toward the bottom of the bag. If it was a mouth it should be a scary one.

Very nice! I'd buy it


red not so good. otherwise dandy.


i <3 the character
but i would luv to see it in other color
and the showdow effect is little bit odd
but relli relli great job!!!


Red is a good color. It is the color of red things.


Adorable! I like wercrunch's idea, too.
But either way, 5.


I just think there should be something that indicates evil under the bag. Maybe the bowtie should look more evil or one of those buearocratic power ties...yeah, that's the ticket! Great!!!!


The bowtie is fine, it's not a problem that it looks a bit like a mouth, ambiguity works for something that's cute and labeled "evil". Left (the bag-thing's left, that is) leg should be just a bit longer, kill the white outside the bag, awesome design.

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