Un Censored

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Be sure to check all the views. It works from a distance.


D-maker profile pic Alumni

nice effect.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Needs more fuck.


haha, nice one.

Ian Leino
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glad you finally subbed this - the extra thought and time you put in on it really shows



censorship tee without being too preachy


this is killer how'd you do that? CRAZY

thunderpeel profile pic Alumni

yup, i'd buy this

aled profile pic Alumni

Making it one colour was a really nice touch. Great job with the lines.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

$5 from me!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i think the concept would be stronger if it actually had swear words and not just pg-rated swears. because like, the point is that on closer viewing it's just lines and shapes, but the punch from far away is that.. it's words a 12 year old can use?

i really like how you accomplished the 'illusion' though.

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I agree with mezo...

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I like much, nice one.

Whale Car

I love this! xD

I'd like to see it on different colour shirts or the design a different colour. It might be better on another colour. =]

olie! profile pic Alumni

Yeah I agree, bobobob1230, I like it better like this and I think it's funnier this way because it's not what you think it will be.
I just wish "crap" was on there! Anyway, really nice job man!

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

I think the humor is in the assumption that they are swear words when they're really g rated words.

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

that cool!!!! look great from a distance!!! and the typo make it even better~~~


i want fuck instead of frick!!!!! $5 anyways

briancook profile pic Alumni

I like it how it is without the actual swear words. I think these are much funnier.


Love it. $5

Guess you won't do it in a nice girly light colour? Haha. :)

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

you and your good ideas

steven218 profile pic Alumni

i like this one a lot. more colour options though please!

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

Good concept.
Nice technique.

Montro profile pic Alumni

haha very coool!


I'd love if it said frac(frack? frak?)- however they spell it on Battlestar Gallactica. My husband and I say that all the time now.


I also agree with mezo and ginette.

andyg profile pic Alumni


jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

agree with everyone here. nice effect ross!!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I always feel like im sucking up to you when i praise the things you do on this site, but they nearly always ring true with intense awesomeness and fresh idea and word play that i can't help it but 4$ this one up for it's interesting style and close-up mindfuck.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Oh, and im suprised ginette and mezo aren't into the double irony of this shirt making people up close think that there are some really bad words on your shirt but when they see you from afar others will realize there was nothing needed to pixelate as these words are considered "tolerable to use" in normal life and not viewed as cursewords? It's a really cool statement about language and censorship and why those words would be okay without the filter but words that mean the same thing and are so close in spelling aren't.

NiNTH WHEEL profile pic Alumni

is it amazing that frickinawesome loves a shirt that says frick on it...possi-bly.
well done.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I love the abstraction, the closeup is the type of stuff I love. The fact that it actually is legible is a bonus. Would like to see some random lines of color or just some color separate from what you've already created incorporated.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

oh i get it frickinawesome, i just like the idea of people seeing swear words from afar and wanting to come up close to investigate and then realize that it's just gibberish and then i'd imagine they'd second guess if what they read earlier was right.
also i honestly just dislike pronouncing half of those words (no offense meant to your username haha) so i guess it's mostly personal
i do like the shirt and concept a lot either way, i just would have liked it to have a bigger punch? but maybe i'm just a tad immature in thinking that swear words = punch.
anyway, i'm babbling.


love it.

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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

ginetteginette on May 01 '08
but maybe i'm just a tad immature in thinking that swear words = punch.

hahahaha, most of the time i would agree with you on this assessment of cussing and ruffling the feathers of the public, but yeah, I guess we just see this tee differently. Cheers to fun differences!

Mr Rocks
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Bummed I missed the voting on this dude. Top idea.

thatwheel profile pic Alumni

as a Utahn I need this.


Hullo! Sent you FlickrMail, since that was the fastest I could come up with, to contact you. Hope you get back to me soon.

peachmango profile pic Alumni

like it!


print Gail and her god-damned gang of ghosts already!


Gayle or whatever her name is


i think it would be better with the actual swears

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