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I am a pun fanatic. A punnatic. I'm glad you're down.

This is the first in my Plays on the Names of Animals and the Heads of Different Styles of Government series of t-shirt designs. Next: Pachyderm-ocratically Elected Representatives.


Wouldn't really be communist, as tsars were actually all that represented what the commies were AGAINST (the tsars were absolute rulers). But history lessons aside, it's very cute and witty. I agree--tsar or czar would be better translations.


I LOVE IT. So funny, so awesome. Reminds me of this guy in my class who draws mixes like these... caterpillarmadillos, cowls, cardvaarks... very cool. I love this one.


Hay, Lancita, is the guy in your class Napoleon Dynamite by any chance?

Anyway, I really do like the idea behind this shirt. And your posts have made me laugh. $5

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