Two Warriors

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Two Warriors by ArTrOcItY on Threadless
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This is the scene depicted on ancient amphora by the Greek painter Exekias. It shows Achilles and Ajax playing a board game in between battles. I think it is such a great image that I just had to draw. First I drew it with all the details as original but then thought this simpler image works better on the T-shirt and I guess it works on almost any color. Hope you like it!


but this isn't really your original art. you just took someone elses art. i think you should come up with your own unique and creative ideas. it would be more interesting if you drew a different version of this image or did a humorous take on this idea.


I really like this. I agree with optional color palettes. For some reason my eyes are first drawn to each characters facial profile. I love the style and size.


The silhouette on the left looks quite distorted - as though he has a weird growth on the back of his neck. The overall lines and proportions of the two figures have also been distorted - and the Greeks were really rather good at the whole proportion thing. I like the idea of a shirt referencing Attic art, but agree that something original rather than a distorted copy would be better.

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Thank you all and let me say something in my defence:) First, I have a lot of original ideas, at least I hope so but this time I wanted to do something different, not so original but at least original on the T-shirt, I did have humorous twist ( I had Ajax saying " I win") and it's not problem to put that again if that's better and as for proportions, well I'm not ancient Greek:) and it got distorted when I put it on the T-shirt.


I disagree. I think you DID make it your own, through the silhouetting and the placement on the shirt. I'd wear it.

Bio-bot 9000
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not many people know that Mrs. Pac Man is 3,000 years old.

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Yeah,tell me about it!:) But I like debates, I like people reacting, the worst thing is when nobody says anything!

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Yeah, my best score so far! Damn, and it's not even my original design:(Oh, well, this one is for great Exekias!

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