Two Roads

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Two Roads by dacat on Threadless
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o god. this is like our stupid school motto >.< it gets old after hearing it like 10 times. :D nice design though.

dacat profile pic Artist

No poem on shirt...sorry deathcabfortom!


don't put the poem but if you must,put it really small at the bottom right/left corner and in small.the colours are great.

dacat profile pic Artist

Poem is definitely NOT on shirt design (see little t-shirt), just part of the submission gif....thanks for your comments!


great shirt....$5

dacat profile pic Artist

Rest assured, there is no text on this :-)


love the simplicity of the design!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

jesus, does anyone actually LOOK at the sample shirt design you have in your presentation which shows NO poem? lol. Anywho, I like where you are going with this, but the smaller sun on the road more traveled at first looked like a small flower on the end of a tree branch to me! To get the point of the shirt across, I suggest making the road more traveled a tad bigger and hang the sun further over the mountains, which will not take away I feel if done properly from the immensity of the riches of the less traveled road. Plus, i couldnt tell the little glitches of color on the road were footprints, so eiter make the road a tad wider and make them more reallistic looking or have just the one trail of footprints going up to less traveled road done up with gold-plated ink to make it stand out all the more. 3 as of now. good work.

dacat profile pic Artist

Wow, thanks for the feedback Frickin! I think those are great ideas. The one thing I intentionally did was make the entire design look like two flowers(a rose and a bud) as well as the road and mountains...not sure you or anyone got that yet from the comments, but I hope it's visible...I was going for the optical illusion of both images.

The Ending

This is the problem with Threadless. People take like a 1.5 sec look at a design and vote or comment. They dont take time to properly study it. They are shooting themselves in the foot because they are letting great designs slip which they would love to wear, and letting talent go less noticed.


Here's the deal, Robert Frost was, in my humble opinion, a poetic hack with a good sense of meter. You, on the otherhand, have expressed something wonderful with none of the pretension and a whole lot of simple, beautiful style. The shirt is better than the poem will ever be. Cheers!

dacat profile pic Artist

Ha ha, thanks roxie! Ending: true, that's the problem with "Quick vote" one reads the comment

dacat profile pic Artist

Thanks for the clarification, I think I prefer being on the misinterpreted side, call me an optimist.

dacat profile pic Artist

Ah, in that case it's me, I'm very indecisive...even better!


this is a really nice shirt. it says what it needs to say :) good job

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