Twin Peaks

Design by steven218

Twin Peaks by steven218 on Threadless
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I want to see some cameltoe!

steven218 profile pic Artist

wasn't cutout filter. It was threshold, then exported to flash and applied trace bitmap, then exported to, coloured, and tweaked in freehand - like on the hair for example. Then the wee climbers were added.

The whole thing is vector. But thanks for hating. : )

steven218 profile pic Artist

yup, your right, the last climber is too big - never noticed it when i was putting this one together.

Now I'm considering adding some Elvis style shades to the camel...


oh whoa..
this is coooll.
ha great idea.

steven218 profile pic Artist

grrrrrrr... wasn't the cutout filter...... mumbles


cool stuff!


Execution is lacking.


Some of you people get WAAAYYY too involved with your uptight criticisms. It's just a t-shirt design... if it's not totally realistically perfect in terms of proportions and whatnot, the world will still spin... I think it looks cool.

steven218 profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments guys - I don't mind criticism though. Keeps me on my toes... I know what some o f you mean though, sometimes comments are nit picky (not just on this one though) but that'll happen on a design crit site!

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