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Twenty Something

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Twenty Something by Ellsswhere on Threadless
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wullagaru profile pic Alumni

beautiful drawing


sorry but that guy is dressed like a girl. other than that. great.


It is a european fashion. They call it three quarters, as opposed to "shorts". While I would not wear those pants, and you two wouldnt either, dont say no man wouldn't.


Unfortunetly, that it the one thing I dont like. Im giving this a $5, but for a final design, I'd like to see different pants on the guy.

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

ahhhh.... alright well hes just supposed to be like a playboy (fashion oriented) maybe i could tone down the fact that their capri's. Anywho I just posted a huge pic in my profile. Hope you like it.


if you give the guy full-length pants, i'm sold. i'm giving you a 5$ anyway.


that guy has shit pants on.


Sexy. I don't really like the yellow thing, but eh, it's a nice design element.


yeah, who doesn't want unicorns?

for some reason every entry i look at resembles a penis. . .

i'd buy it, surely.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Very cool design, man.


I like it, but I don't really like what trails down the shirt, it just kind of, goes to far or is not wide enough or something makes it not really work well


i like it, and i want a great dane.

.onion profile pic Alumni

i like it all except that strange yellow pattern

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

very nice! way too "cool" for my tastes but i'll give it a 5


Great danes are usually taller than that.
Especially for such a big head.


I like the pretty boy. Overall design is quite nice.


the dogs positioning/sizing seems a little odd to me - at best he is just samwiched between the people - at worst his butt is a foot rest for the girl


not bad. The yellow comming down from between the legs is extremely distracting and takes away from the skill of your drawing. I cant help but think "oh wow, what an intricate trickle of pee... wtf?" I also think the unicorns and leafy branches that look like they're from a sheild of arms take away from the beauty of the couple and dog. Perhaps the drawing would benefit from some kind of backdrop, but this backdrop brings the quality down, not up.

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