Turtoise Evolution

Design by acidshadow

Turtoise Evolution by acidshadow on Threadless
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A few T-shirt designs I did for a t-shirt company in Brighton. Only for them to never get back to me with any suggestion they were going to use the designs or pay me, so I felt I'll use them to my own ends.

This idea came to me when I was thinking about how people mix us turtles and tortoises. One has flippers and the other has legs. the the idea came to me of 'what if they had wings, or wheels, or no legs at all!' ( I may do a wheeled tortoise or a snail turtle at a later date!). So here is an extra 'step' in the shelled reptiles evolution!


funny one! nice evolution theory :)

titus toledo

hey, man, nice shot: hi ho!


Lovely and interesting structual.$5

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