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Turtlenecks are warmer

Design by Mosquito88

Turtlenecks are warmer by Mosquito88 on Threadless
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Some of the animals residing in the auspicious Alaska Zoo are more used
to the scorched earth of the Serengeti than cold flakes slowly
cascading from the
heavens above. But when the sky exploded with snow, one giraffe was a
little more prepared than all the others.

It seems the snakes from one exhibit over had slithered on through to
the giraffe area, who appeared to them as snakes with feet due to
their long necks and complex, beautiful skin patterns. The snakes
offered the chance for the giraffes to buy all kinds of products for a
cold winter's season since they had seen more than their share of
them, from snake tongue warmers to cold lozanges at rock bottom

While many of the giraffes mocked the snakes for their grave error in
judgement, Geoffrey the Giraffe spotted a strange looking garment,
which felt as soft as the snow it protected their scaley bodies from
yet gave out the warmth of a fiery hearth at full glow. Geoffrey
shyly asked the snakes if they could modify the garment they called a
"turtleneck" to fit his legs and two smaller pieces of cloth for his
feet, to which the snakes obliged ever so gladly for what they assumed
was their evolved snake bretheren.

Soon after the snakes slithered away, the temperatures dropped and
every creature's every breath was visible in the cold, crisp Alaska
mornings. Once the snow started tumbling forth, all the giraffes
cowered underneath the tallest trees and canopies they could find,
except for Geoffrey of course. He was too busy enjoying the weather
his folks back home deemed impossible and "the stuff of myths and tall
tales." The tallest tale of all turned out to be a very tall giraffe
named Geoffrey having snowball fights with the delighted zoo
onlookers, curious as to the giraffe's uniquely colored body and
ecstatic state of being.

News traveled fast in the Alaska zoo of this strangely shaded beast,
from mumblings in the monkey cage to the chattering of the chirping
birds and past the possum pastures, all the way to the turtles on the
other side of the zoo. Wax the Turtle listened intently about this
new evolution of the turtle species and needed to see for herself.
And so she walked for over five days and nights the quarter of a mile
to Geoffrey's space and saw this towering turtle with yellow and red
skin with a heart as warm as the fabric wrapped around him, and it was
love at first sight.


haha, i love the boots

evan3 profile pic Alumni

^^ maybe a tad long
but i love the design so who cares

probably my favorite FA collab

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

woah, the text went all strange there, sorry about that gang. And of course it's too long, that's my style evan! hehe

Thanks for the votes of positivity so far!

evan3 profile pic Alumni

oh i forgot
i like that he is not only wearing a fuzzy turtleneck, but also fluffy boots
i am assuming it was a packaged deal

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

such a great style here... i love the little turtle love... and the sweater texture makes me warm and toasty

ladykat profile pic Alumni

This is adorable!


xxxxxxxL jumper! nice one!

Mosquito88 profile pic Artist

thanks :)

2 more days!

Gabrielng profile pic Alumni


evan3 profile pic Alumni

this should have scored higher..

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

ha, i'm amazed it even broke 2.0 let alon a 2.52 the way people were ignoring it in the, thanks i guess people!

Mosquito88 profile pic Artist

ha, i'm amazed it even broke 2.0 let alon a 2.52 the way people were ignoring it in the, thanks i guess people!

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