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i actually had the same feeling once i saw it online. one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time (the time being 6 a.m.)

my concept behind it was technology and art. leo was a genius that merged the two fields, and today there are prodigies in the worlds of music (represented by the turntables) and computers (represented by the power button, cumputer chips, etc) that do the same thing.

or something.

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thanks for the insight Mak. I definately conceed your points. The placement was all wrong on this one. Better luck next time, I hope...

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"really. wonderfulwonderful, and lacking any of the childishness thats been so evident in other submissions.
thanks for avoiding robots, pirates, and sluttly dressed combinations of the above."

actually... my next submission is entitled robot-pirate love, and features scantily clad illustrations of both.

just kidding.

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