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Alex M. Solefish

I dare say leave out the remote; or, make it smaller, and sticker the clicker in the corner. Sorry, feeling silly. 5 on the illustration.

Monkey II
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regarding your suggestions,I'll try resubmitting the design, i hope they will still accept it, thanks for that:)


Ditto everyone. I would totally buy it, sans remote.


i'm saying don't have the remote to piss off someone. but really, don't have it


I don't dislike the remote, but I'm not a big fan of the amount of wrinkles in their clothing. My boyfriend just said, and I agree that "it looks like they're all dressed in swaddling-clothes" the dimension is just very strange. Also, some of the proportions and positioning of the bodies is very off. I really like the concept, but the design seems to need some work.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

I know your point relaxjolene, but I think when you do animations you kind of make your own style of mostly breaking the rules of everything, that's why cartooning, doodling and animation are distorting reality to free imaginative styles, sometimes you screw all the rules of dimensions, positioning etc...,although others may seem to stick to walt disney sort of rules but in today's world breaking the rules and make your own distortions are the in thing in today's animation, that's why SouthPark is just so awsome,hehehe:), but i still consider your point as a good crit, atleast i could still clear things up:)




only family... no control


Like most people have said, I'd leave out the remote.

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