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haaha "this one can" - awesome.

i actually like it. its well done


I like how the design shows 2 totally different ways we can TRY :

TRY to shoot kids on tricycles with your new tank that can shoot downwards.

-- or --

TRY to ride your tricycle and put your hand in the large gun of a tank at the same time - It's FUN !

The Jolly Brewer

I like it but I think it would be better without the huge try. Sorry to be so clich├ęd with the lose the text threadless retort.

$ from me


That kid is about to die very badly. But at least he's trying, I guess...


I would like it if you spruced up the tank and boy and lost the text.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

That's a really wierdly shaped hand tumor that boy unfortunate boy has. i'm a huge fan of text being a slogan junkie and all, but the image on a lighter colored tee would stand out just as well and without the blaring TRY that really doesn't add to the aesthetics or mentality of the design.


remember Tien an men...
I like it.

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