Trust me Guys!

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Trust me Guys! by kooky love on Threadless
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kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist

Ok, you can also call this sub with "How they've won" or " The Last Brigade"

Thanks for Bob and kristen as the models here.

Enjoy it!

zipperking profile pic Alumni

why are they riding piggy back on horse back?


this is great kooky!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

this is great other than the confederate flag, it doesnt make much sense

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

great interpretation of an classic idea! loving it!

jimmytan profile pic Alumni

nice one!! great

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

doesnt work for a tee imo.

Edword profile pic Alumni

nice illo!

aled profile pic Alumni

Aaah! The hunter becomes the hunter. Wait. ?

Funny illustration.

more heat than light

I think it's a great design, really made me chuckle. But I'm not convinced on the placement. By the time you've worked out the front part, you've then got to see the back to make sense of it. And it's not exactly immediate humour.

Maybe a divider between the two images on the front might work better, but I don't think this works as it is. Which is a big shame.

3 as it is.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

nice colors 5$

herky profile pic Alumni

great collab, love the illustration and colors, $5

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist

hello, guys
don't worry about the flag. It's easy to change.

thanks for your supports.

I love this comment:

bananaphone on May 24 '07
doesnt work for a tee imo.

:) you' seldom give comment on my submission. And this comment make me happy. :)


Good Design $5


weirdness...i could have sworn i commented on this already but i dont see it. paraphrase:

It rocks. I want it. I'll defenitely buy it. $5



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