trucker hats used to be cool

Design by arzie13

trucker hats used to be cool by arzie13 on Threadless
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i really like the boxes and wavy lines. i even the color of the shirt and i usually HATE yellow. i really like it. who would think i would ever like something with trucker hats on it but here we are...

gestalt assault

hmm...that trucker hat has black foam and white mesh...isn't supposed to be the other way around? i guess the cap would disapper into abe's forehead then so it's ok...

for once i actually feel like the shirt needs text...on the trucker hat...

gestalt assault

who do you contact to get a license for abe lincoln's face? the US treasury?

stotty01 profile pic Alumni



Great design! I'd like it a lot better if the t-shirt was green instead of yellow, but I'd buy it nonetheless.


o SW33T!!!

R_G profile pic Alumni

I want this!!!!

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

i would wear this as is, but adding a retarded stereotypical saying on the front of the hat would make me buy several

biotwist profile pic Alumni

Im simply have to know how you made this. was it by hand? photoshopped? illustrator? I have been trying to make old-school currency type cross hatching and doing a poor job

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