Tripping Balls

Design by Mat Pringle

Tripping Balls by Mat Pringle on Threadless
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Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist

This is the perfect gift for a friend mine called Dave. He's the cat driving the cloud with his mind. He's always tripping balls. Always.

Printed on tie-dye innit.


I effin

Stereomode profile pic Alumni

Cool $5

YaaH profile pic Alumni


Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist

Ha ha - this is tanking like a dead weight!

In my defence sometimes you just have an itch you've got to fucking scratch. Feels good...


Love your style :) $5


Love your style :) $5


nice illo!!!

The Escape Artist

To be honest, the colours make a pretty horrific mess on a tee, but the illustration itself is hilarious and whimsical.

Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist

The colours are meant to be a horrific acid-induced mess!


So nice!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

You really need to make this for Dave if it doesn't win the contest.

Calvin Wu
Calvin Wu profile pic Alumni


moulin bleu
moulin bleu profile pic Alumni

you have no idea how hard I laughed when I saw this

brilliant itch $5

Farnell profile pic Alumni

missed this sorry pal - I love it

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