Tripletalk Elephant

Design by Jeremy Tinder

Tripletalk Elephant by Jeremy Tinder on Threadless
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see, it's weird, I like everything about this shirt EXCEPT the three bubbles.

I know it's the point of the whole shirt but if you'd get rid of the bubbles or maybe execute it a different way, then it'd get a $5. until then, you get a 4


haha, I like WEContact's comment, and that made me like the shirt more. it's certainly an interesting design. i don't think i'd wear it as a shirt, but that might just be my opinion - as in, it should still get printed maybe? i don't know. i guess i'm still making up my mind. the eyes are a bit scary but i imagine that if you added pupils, they'd look cartoony and strange and perhaps scarier, so don't change it.


this is good but i'd like to see the bubbles done differently.


This is really cool, nice work.

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