Trip Doll

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Trip Doll by DropDeadRex on Threadless
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mj00 profile pic Alumni

I think the colors are fine, but the specifics of this pattern kinda weird me out. I think her hair has horizontal cleavage because of the 3dimensionality of the pattern. (The design itself is great, I'd love to see it again with a different pattern).


great colors. id like to see more orange on this site.


oooo that's interesting

mj00 profile pic Alumni

No, I understand the concept. My issue is that to me, what stands out most clearly is two giant orbs in the hair. Because of the two-ness, it looks more like hair cleavage than hair volume to me. But as always, one comment means nothing- I wouldn't worry about it unless other people see it too. If the pattern was slightly smaller and there were three orby shapes, it would be way nicer to me personally.


I looked back at "I wish..." I wish you had expanded on the hand-drawn part of the picture instead. maybe for your next sub?


Wow... gorgeous. Love the original, and love the redesign. I would buy either one, though I am really loving the orangey colors of the one here.... $5


I like it a lot!!!! I dont usually like shirts like this I'd buy it hands down


Beautiful! I like the volume and depth in her hair...makes the design move. $5




really cool. $4


I like it, but I feel her forehead is too short, maybe? Her face is proportionately too big for her head?

(I also would prefer it on purple, I hate orange)

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