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biticol profile pic Alumni

LOL it's the pirat grandfa of bender?

The Jolly Brewer

Love it. I prefer the smaller one on the side, or the smaller one in the middle, seems to be far too many MASSIVE designs going through at the moment.

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

This is exactly the shirt that my brother Trevor would design for himself


Robot pirates?!? That would never work!
They'd short out from the salt, then rust from the water.

NINJA pirates... now THAT's where the money is at!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Great stuff and only suggestion is a little radio controlled robot parakeet on Trevor's shoulder to really bang another point home...he could be chirping out binary or just electronic pulses...still, 4$ for the big one.

Lashford profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments, all! and thanks, frickin... i actually had a robot parrot mocked up and on his shoulder, but it really was throwing off the balance, and honestly, seemed a bit much. there were so many things i could have added to this, considering the combination of the two entities, but i felt any more than i already had done was overkill and distracting.


I like the brown one on bottom. Good placement and color.

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