Trees do fall in love

Design by KDLIG

Trees do fall in love by KDLIG on Threadless
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KDLIG profile pic Artist

they got lives, maybe they do fall in love,hehe


^^^ Nothing wrong with that.


awesome job. i like it centered best


i love the picture but not your tshirt choices. i personally think it would work best on natural / cream or brown


"they've both got boners"

Or woodies.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

LOL! trees don't have sexes,LOL!

herky profile pic Alumni

awesome illustration, love their expressions

KDLIG profile pic Artist

yeah, but these aren't banana trees man, we have a lot of it here but none of it looks like the trees i've drawn, and to end this gay issue thing, I want my trees to look as it is, don't want to put something on the other tree just to make it look more literally girly, i don't want to comment on that gay thing anymore cuz it would be too sensitive for the real gay people, i have great respect on them, and if you're judging a person that he or she is gay that would be too broad, cuz it could mean that I'm a happy person,tada!!! LOLz! peace out! =)


Best on black.
Your detail is incredible.

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