Tree Love

Design by Amelia84

Tree Love by Amelia84 on Threadless
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Really awesome, actually. Great style. $5


This is a very pretty tree picture.

Which sadly means I cannot wear it. But you get a 5 for design!


i really like this one.
hope it gets printed.


this is nice!!
I really don't like the t-shirt colors though. :/
I think it would look cuter on a pink t.


trees, birds and hearts!

threadless went through the cliched stage, then to mocking it, what, are we back to cliches again, or is it the 'cool' thing now to mock the mockers? because its going to start getting confusing real fast.


I would definitely buy this if it got printed - IN A DARKER COLOR! Sorry, but the white or beige options don't do it for me. Too blah... Though I would wear it in the lilac that you've used as a background, but you would have to intensify the colors so the pink hearts don't blend in too much... Very sweet.


$5 but would love to see it printed on coulor - shirts (eg red or blue)

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