Trash T.V.

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Any special printing methods if necessary.

7 colors.

Special thanks to Manos, who created the great flash presentation template, you're the man.

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I dig where this is going conceptually, I just don't think the art seems finished enough and really transports you to the nature/technology connection as strongly as it could have been. Keep it up!


awesome, great style

Please take a moment to score my design as well!

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@ Wickedlittletwist, lol'd at the snot comment, I went with green because it didn't look as dull as brown, and trust me, the brown/sandy color looks dull on the gray shirt, big time. Think the trash as so disgustingly toxic it's green.

@ FRICKENAWESOME, perhaps, folks who helped me with the critique I think could of suggested some more on what they'd like to see in the trash(references of sorts).In the end, I felt it could of gotten too overcrowded if I added whatever I felt like, so I chose to put it up. There's always second chances though, if this doesn't do well or I'm unsatisfied, a resub in the future can occur.

:) thanks for the feedback, ladies and gents

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Oh and sorry everyone for the low quality in the flash presentation, I really need to work around the limitations in the file size that can uploaded for my next submission. I'm new to the flash presentation aspect, sorry if it's obvious o:

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