Transylvanian Army Knife

Design by LittleSaturn

Transylvanian Army Knife by LittleSaturn on Threadless
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LittleSaturn profile pic Artist

Your all in one tool for vampire slaying. I'll bet Buffy wished she had one of these! Complete with Stake, Cross, Mini-Axe, Holy water and UV flashlight. For a small extra cost and extra protection you can purchase the garlic garland to hang this baby around your neck.

I was inspired by this antique vampire hunting kit

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Pretty clever! It should be smaller, more centered on the shirt though.

LittleSaturn profile pic Artist

Placement is easy enough to change up. I'm actually looking at it now, thinking there are a few things I'd like to tweak. I may re-sub.


cool idea wrong placment on shirt though

Dexter Spandex

composition feels a bit awkward, too big and too-heavy shading. But the concept is really strong. I'd work on it a bit more and resub...

Mr Vela

i want it! :) really cool 4$

LittleSaturn profile pic Artist

thanks everyone for the input! Esp Dexter. I will definitely take these comments into mind and resub.

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