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Jebs profile pic Artist

Here is a second design with the concept of different interpretations of the vision...I thought about Knowledge Tree, and the symbols of the Book(s), about transmitting the knowledge, and fighting against ignorance, that is a pledge in our my opinion. Hope you'll like it!


Very cool. The colors are awesome.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Wow, nice work!! The tree looks great, and I like your concept as well!

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks! about the book, well, i don't know, i thought that it was nice on the preview (on tee shirt), but i can eventually make some modifications...wait and see ;-)


I like the background and tree, nice illustration and concept.


this is awesome, and i do not see anything wrong with the background book. It actually is pretty creative. Maybe if there was some scenery drawn on the book to make it more like a background scenery with a subtle book hidden

Jebs profile pic Artist

ah, cool, i was wondering about the book, what was supposing to go the beginning, i put words on it, but i thought it was too complicate, i wanted the design to be smooth, light ;-)


You know what else the book needs, a book mark and little paragraghs, maybe a fancy over-sized letter starting a new chapter and of course page numbers and Oprah's Book club sticker. The book has a wood-like feel, like it was carved out of buddy's chest, and it just really serves as a back drop. Why would you want anything to destract you from the great illustration and point of the shirt? I think it's fine. Change if you want to but I think you'd be wasting your time.

biticol profile pic Alumni

Ça me fait mourir de rire: le bouquin du fond est ce qui FAIT le design, et l'autre tetdeneu qui sort que tu le refasses en l'enlevant? Je prefere dire grosse merde que de sortir ça comme commentaire... un excellent travail. comme d'hab, tu m'énèrves... ;) $5


I think it's perfect as is. The background book looks odd on the large graphic, but it's significance can totally be seen in the preview... it creates a perfect frame for the graphic. I love that it's on a brown tee too. I love brown tees. Five and Buy.

Jebs profile pic Artist

ah! thanks! that's the point, i used the book as a background, and it makes sense if you see it on a tee, as burgz and rtoyota said (i'm happy with your intepretations) , making changes will destract the viewer...


nice, looks good on the shirt


i like the book in the background, i think it finishes off the design nicely. i would buy this any day. $5

Jebs profile pic Artist

thank you!

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

This is great. I also would like to see more on the book, like some scenery or something.


I would have like it better without the book in the background. Just the tree and the little flying books.

Jemae profile pic Alumni

Yap, nothing wrong with the background - book! beautiful illust style! 5$! =)

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks for comments, it'as always a pleasure to read you all :-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

no problems ;-) i love this design too... my "transmit knowledge" can be understood as a second act after my "Pollution 1 Nature 0": click here to see it thanks for comments anyway ;-)


Really cool design!


Love the tree and birds, but lose the book in the background.

Jebs profile pic Artist

i still say, that, if i lose the background book, the original concept would be not so original ;-) but thanks for comments


No doubt this is a 5 spot.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great concept 5$

Jebs profile pic Artist

yes he IS sick, that's why we should take care of it ;-)


nice score! i was hoping for this to do pretty well

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