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"Transit" or "one of these days..."

Design by polynothing

"Transit" or "one of these days..." by polynothing on Threadless
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I agree with cpdesign.


it's a nice picture, but it's not for a t shirt . . . .

mezo profile pic Alumni

Typically, I'd agree with framing. And this might work well without one. BUT here it's not bothering me as it feels like a tourist snapshot and I think it works. You have really great linework and I'm enjoying the small details (I have a hoody that says ZERO, too!) but I have to ask....did you mean to make the lady look like Hilary Clinton?

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and colors


wow, you did so much depth, even with the color description. 5


the framing lends itself to this design... great detail & colour palate... nice work.


great illustration- hate the box

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

hmmm... its a GGGGreat illustration says tony the tiger!
but i dont think tshirts look nice with a box printed on them, reminds me of iron-ons and people that print off a family portrait for their family reunions and stick them on shirts... i think you are selling yourself short and could find some way to get rid of the box


why are Hillary Clinton and Joe VW on the subway together?


keep the idea of framing the illustration, but instead of a box, have it be like you're looking through the subway window from the front of the car (like the windows you have in the very back)

staffell profile pic Alumni

looks like the district line

.onion profile pic Alumni

I like the illustration, but that box is just... egad. If you're going to use a box... maybe be a little more fancy about it? Like not just some rectangle, but you could make it look like a subway window, or ... I dunno, maybe not have a box at all.

In any case, the idea and execution is great!

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