Tranquil Emission

Design by jiggerlo

Tranquil Emission by jiggerlo on Threadless
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This is really pretty, and I don't usually like this style. But the clouds look like he's blowing smoke rings to me.


Oh, I just re-read the title. Is he supposed to be blowing smoke rings?


i love this shirt. it's wonderful.
except how many colors are there?

Mistress P

I like your design and I think the design would look better on lighter tees. Off white would be nice.


Beautiful. My only gripe is the circle interupting the thought bubbles ruins the rythm and makes it less tranquil.


I think this is a great color palette for this shirt. The best part of a peacock (or at least the male peacocks) is the decorative feathers. I would love to see you incorporate more details of the feathers in this design. It's getting there though!


im actually pretty blown away...this is a great design. i really hope it gets printed $5

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