Trampolim of Youth

Design by Gringz

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If the trampoline has a shadow on the ground woudn't the lady have a shadow on the trampoline?

I like it.


Oh.. and WAYtoo much red..

Gringz profile pic Artist

oh crap, i mixed up the languages


That Granny is bangin !

Big Ed

Ha, I love her bloomers. Good stuff, gringz.


Well it might sound odd it might sound corny

But here's some sex rhymes for those that are horny

For your boomin granny with the boomin sisters

Said I love ya won't leave ya, till ya gotta listen

I'm talkin about the way that I'm feeling

Here's a lovely lady and so appealing

A sassy, sophisticated, sexy lady

Well I'm twenty six, and you're eighty

The clock is ticking so you better not front

We can go to my place and we can smoke a blunt

Well you're a Golden Girl, just like P.R.

Just turn down the lights so we can go far

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Creepy?! I have absolutely no idea why people aren't liking this shirt so much - it's a damn riot. I would love to wear this, just so people could ask me what it was, just so I could say "hey, it's the trampoline of youth, cat-dad!" 5$


this will be printed, of course. :) you get my money.

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