Train tracks

Design by tjc45

Train tracks by tjc45 on Threadless
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tjc45 profile pic Artist

3 colors on dark gray or a dark navy blue

This was inspired by a shirt at ae that looked like a threadless tee! The zipper is the train tracks for the train!

Hope you like it! Choo choo :)

YaaH profile pic Alumni


tjc45 profile pic Artist

Thanks guys! I think the trains looks good on the color of the background color, right?


its colorful so its cool !! im giving you 5; u got me

Red Rafael
Red Rafael profile pic Alumni

cute idea


I'd rather have it go up instead of down

Dreamy Night Owl

Great design! Definitely like the idea of the train going down the zipper as tracks. I think the "house" part of the train looks just fine as is; my guess is that you were working towards having it look like a passenger compartment.

Really like the colors, 5!

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