Toy Boat

Design by bortwein

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bortwein profile pic Artist

Yeah I actually own a little toy just like this, it is where I got the idea to make the illustration. I've been wanting to put it on a shirt ever since I created it. Which was a few years back.


Heyyy I used to have a toy boat like this... Heh.

bortwein profile pic Artist

The orange boat is on the Gold shirt because it looked the best to me out of the combinations I had created. The Khaki one is growning on me. The yellow boat reminds me of a banana which is kinda cool when I think about it.

bortwein profile pic Artist

If I had to pick 2 or 3 of my favorites, I'd say (in order most to least): (1) Khaki/yellow boat, (2) Denim/Gray Boat, and (3) Royal Blue/Neon Green Boat.


yeah i had this boat 2. i usually don't like nostalgia, but this is pretty sweet.

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