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Jebs profile pic Artist

bonedaddy>what? what is stolen? (i never steal ideas as you can see my creations here, or somewhere else) i hope you are not saying i stole something here :/


I believe the proper term for a heroin (I'm assuming that's what this guy is using) user is "junkie". "Hippies" generally smoke weed and use hallucinogens.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni


Thanks for the bold feature

Jebs profile pic Artist

Thanks! ABout the copyright of Droopy - Tex Avery> it is just for fun! (it's not bound to be printed of course). And of course, this artwork must not be taken seriously, it was not done for that too...At least, just enjoy the fact that you see Droopy in a position you will never see anymore ;-)


How ignorant to put hippie next to someone shooting up. Dumb.

Jebs profile pic Artist

well, i'm french! My english is not so's perhaps a mistake... So, don't be too cruel please. I could easily leave him alone with the weed, and throw the injection away from the Artwork. SO let me explain: In France: Tox' is the diminutive of Toxicoman which Means: a Drug Addiction. So in english, i thought it was the same, apparently NOT! SORRY for the misunderstanding with the transduction ofg words. I hope y'oull understand...


Well I think it's awesome.

Jebs profile pic Artist

eheh, everybody make mistakes ;-) I think this submission is my first Big mistake...i apologize if i hurt somebody! But just look my others, you'll see i can do much much better too ^^

Jebs profile pic Artist

dennis2510> thanks for the support, it's always tough when the comments are like that...but i don't blame them too ;-) Ayway, thanks a lot!


seems like your english is pretty good from all your explanations.

Jebs profile pic Artist

rancid> i am rusty for sure, but it's getting better and better talking here in threadless :-)))))))))

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