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emeryg profile pic Artist

This Design is for Lollapalooza:
I've tryed to take the theme "remarkable or wonderful person or thing?" but concentrate on the human aspect so I've come up with this - hopefully you might recognise him (if not I've left a few clues!)

I figure as far as humans go, this man is with the "Top Banana's"

Hope you like enough to vote!



i'm sure there were satirical cartoons deriding Darwin and his fanciful ideas when he released Origin of... that depicted Darwizzer as a monkey


oh man this is great

dacat profile pic Alumni

Pretty cool, nice details too!


Made me giggle! Thanks. $5

emeryg profile pic Artist

Thanks Cute Teez and everyone whos voted & commented so far!

I wanted this design to be more oldie worldly you know Victorian portrait of a great noble and naturalist with some cheeky monkey tongue & cheek thrown in for good measure - I think its ironic that the man who proposed the theory of evolution and penned the Origin of the Species should find he's own portrait defaced with childish pranks and graffiti which are the modern day hallmarks of human behavior and to some extent evolution itself!


ha ha ha it's very funny! Well done...


I agree with E T Design

Darwin as a monkey is wonderful for some good laughs.

.java profile pic Alumni

haha! cool!

emeryg profile pic Artist

thanks guys glade its working for you's!

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

the background elements don't do anything for me but the main image is brilliant. 5

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